Driving Schools

Not many people actually think about preparing for driving school, but it can be a great way to start off the process with less stress and more confidence. Driving instructors can be distracted with other students or impatient at times, so it is nice to be prepared for the classes and the road before you even reach the classroom. Here are some helpful tips to get you started before heading to this website. Melbourne driving schools are your best bet when wanting to learn how to drive around Melbourne.

Be Observant

If you are used to being driven around a lot, you may not really pay attention to how drivers interact and different road rules that are followed. A few ways you can be an observant passenger and learn from experienced drivers include:

  • Paying attention to signals – What kinds of signals do drivers use to send messages to other cars? How do other cars send signals to your driver? What are some of the signals or signs you see on the road that help drivers?
  • Observing road signs – Spot all the road signs you can. Driving instructors tend to stress the importance of being able to spot road signs and identify what they mean. If you are not sure what they mean, ask the driver.
  • Obstacles – How do drivers deal with things like potholes, animals or obstructions in the road?
  • Special zones – What do the signs say in construction zones? What kinds of signs do you see in school zones? There are special zones where speeds are dropped, and you have to pay attention for people working or children playing. These zones will also be watched by police a lot closer because of the importance of following the laws there.

Feel Out The Driver’s Seat

Learn to DriveWith permission of the driver, of course, go ahead and sit in the driver’s seat and feel out what is around you. Check out and get familiar with all the dials and buttons for the windshield wipers, headlights, radio, ignition, foot pedals, etc. Things you will want to learn how to adjust before driving are:

  • Your seat – so that your feet reach the pedals and are at a good angle. You can also raise or lower the seat depending on your height, and this will affect your vision and ability to reach controls.
  • Mirrors – The rear-view mirror needs to be adjusted after your seat in order for you to see the right angle through the back window. The side mirrors also need to be adjusted so that you can see your blind spots (sides of the vehicle that make it hard to see other cars).
  • Climate controls – Figure out how to adjust the temperature of the car, so you and the passengers are comfortable.
  • Radio – You must make sure to have the best jams for your driving session, or all is lost. Don’t forget this step!

Ask For Explanations

While driving with an experienced driver, be sure to ask them questions about why they do certain things or what things mean. What would be extra helpful to you would be if the driver could just give you a run-through of what they are doing when they do it — like a narration. This way, you can see what is going on while hearing their reasoning and explanations at the same time. It will help you remember it better.