Silicone Baby Jewellery

Do you believe in nature or in science evidence? Will you use mild gel for gums and cold food, or will you put amber teething baby jewellery around the neck, wrist or ankle of your baby?

These are some of questions which may be asked when speaking about the use and healthy effects of baby teething jewellery.

Nature vs Science

To begin with, it is true that amber when worn on the baby’s skin relieves inflammation which is caused in the teething process. If the baby wears jewellery for teething every day some parents believe that it will significantly alleviate common symptoms that are normally caused as a result of teething. To mention some of them: anxiety, crying, redness of baby’s cheeks, swelling of the gums and many others.

So, the procedure would go like this:

  • buy a necklace for baby teething
  • put it around the neck, wrist or ankle of your baby
  • the baby will feel great and the teething will be no more painful

This is all true. But, we have to agree that there is also the other side of the story about buying and wearing baby teething jewellery.

It is true that many parents do not take the jewellery of their babies even during the night when babies sleep. What can happen is that baby rips the necklace or even suffocates one bead or more of them. In the worst situation, the baby can tighten the jewellery and strangle with it.

Silicone Adult Necklace

Needless to say, parents have to think twice before entering an adventure of buying teething necklace for baby boys and girls. It is not a harmless thing by any means. Even if somebody is the most careful parent in the world, an unexpected thing may occur. So, caution is needed with baby teething jewellery.

Silicone baby teething jewellery – is it safe?

If it is so, we should expect that heals something by some strange miracle. It is almost magical. Most silicone jewellery is completely safe for babies. The scientific fact is that it is released at body temperatures.

Pediatricians are very skeptical when they discuss the use of silicone baby teething jewellery. There are several questions:

  1. Is this jewellery so effective?
  2. Has it replaced the long lasting procedures of curing the pain with baby teething?

Medical evidence proves that baby teething does not produce serious pain at all. Its symptoms are so mild, that there is no need that parents use any kind of treatment or pain release at all.

There will always be parents who use old-fashioned methods when trying to decrease the pain in baby teething process. Pediatricians support regular treatments and visits. They think that it is necessary to feed the baby with cold food, to use gels for the gums or even to keep the hands of your baby clean all the time. This is essential because babies like to put their small fingers in the mouth and that is not good for the gums and teething as a process.

On the other hand, some would say that things in the world develop, and parents should do everything that their babies do not suffer a bit in the process of teething, no matter how negligible that pain is. If you want to follow every step in the growing of your child, you have to be ready to ensure for him what you can and follow the trends. However, amber is a natural material and all precautions are done to make it harmless for babies.